Hello World


Bula! It’s Fijian for Aloha.

Hey world. Say hello to Hello to Adventure.

It’s been a loooooong time since I regularly wrote a blog. I first blogged in 2002, before blogs were a thing. They existed, they just didn’t really have a name yet. “Weblog” became the word eventually, but I had a LiveJournal. Yeah, it was THAT long ago.

That was 14 years ago (!), when I traveled the US in a van for 6 months researching my dad’s life. Now I’m about to start a 3 month trip in my (much better) van, rock climbing all over the West. So here we go again!

I also lead a sort of generally crazy life. I’m a mom. I travel a lot. I climb. I own a camper van. I’m on the board of the Bay Area Climbers Coalition and the San Francisco Youth Baseball League. I’m a 13-year subscriber to the San Francisco Ballet and a 4-ish-year season ticket sharer for the San Francisco Giants. I obsess over things like Game of Thrones, tiki cocktails, bourbon-wait-rum-wait-bourbon-no-rum, baking, and music. I go to a lot of concerts… I dunno, people tell me they can’t keep up with all of my adventures. Maybe I just post to Facebook too much.

I’m hoping to backfill this blog with some posts about past travels, climbing trips, van stuff, and other “lifestyle” content, plus get you all ready for this epic summer road trip.

These are my adventures, and I invite you share them with me.

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.”

-Helen Keller

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